Water may have caused Magnetic Field absence in Mars

Image: nasa.gov

It is reported that magnetic field of mars could be killed forever due to the hydrogen molecules that break down from the water molecules.

Scientist Joseph O’Rourke at Lunar and Planetary Science Conference stated that the excess hydrogen may be settling down at the Mars mantle. The magnetic field of mars is very less compared to earth, although it is not completely zero.

The presence of the strong magnetic field protects a planet from the harmful wind coming from the sun called solar wind. It is assumed that these solar wind could have possibly blown away the surface water of mars.

The presence of hydrogen elements at the core blocks the settling of heavy atoms like iron. Heavier elements are the prime factor for the convection process which ultimately triggers a strong magnetic field for the planet.

It has been reported that Mars did have a magnetic field 4 billion years ago which has vanished to a larger extent now and the vanishing process was much rapid in last 100 million years.

Scientists have called for more ambitious Martian missions to explore the red planet.

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