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Smart Dustbin in Kathmandu Valley:

A smart dustbin

Utsav Siwakoti

 Have you seen a smart box showing pollution index on the side of the road in different places of Kathmandu valley? Did you got curious and looked through it? Do you know how useful these smart box placed with adds are?

Smart dustbin: Pollution index number and temperature

If you haven’t you should. These smart boxes placed aside the road in different places (60 in number) are not some scientific boxes or just an ADD panel. These are called smart dustbin. If you reached out and had a look beside these boxes you would have seen two bins in each of these dustbins for the garbage collection, otherwise would have been thrown everywhere on the road.

And yes these dustbins are smart. They show the pollution index along with the temperature. Also, they can be really useful if your phone is running out of juice.  If you are running out of battery on your smartphone, just find one of these and plug into the fast charger available on the side of these dustbins. And the dustbins are self-sustaining on power via the solar panel attached.

mobile charger attached in the smart dustbin

When the people assigned to sweep every morning look for garbage in these dustbins, it is sad that the garbage’s are found everywhere else but all these dustbins are found empty. Just talking about the big smart cities we dream of is not enough, we should begin with a small change and this one is. So next time you have some wrapper of anything you use, be smart, use smart dustbins.

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