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The world’s population is increasing day by day and the increasing crowd of the people result
in the increasing pollution and environmental degradation as well. Sanitation refers to the
hygienic management of all those sectors that are responsible for the environmental pollution.
Environmental pollution is indeed a burning issue due to which sanitation has become an urgent
need for the whole world.

Pollution and environmental degradation are the issues for the whole world but they’re comparatively
more problematic in the developing countries like Nepal. Unsystematic development tasks are being
carried out that result in unmanaged disposal of garbage, wastages coming out from factories,
households, etc. These things are very harmful for human life. The perfect example can be seen in
Kathmandu valley. The pollution in the Kathmandu valley has increased so much that maintaining
just personal hygiene is insufficient for good health of the people. Construction works have
increased air pollution so much that there is noplace where anyone can go safely without a face
mask. Respiratory problems have been increasing rapidly. Kathmandu seems like “Dustmandu”.
Water pollution is a very common thing that can be seen in the valley. The pollution of Bagmati river
is not hidden from anyone. These things have affected the climate there, fertility of soil, etc.

Similar problem can be seen in Janakpurdham, a religious place of Nepal. In fact, there’s no sanitation
at all due to the development tasks that are being carried out haphazardly. Such polluted places are
the best suited places for insects to breed. And, insects do have high egg-laying capacity at such
places. Thus, mosquitoes have disturbed the life of the people living there. Janakpurdham can also be
called as “Mosquitoesdham”.

The maintenance of sanitation is so difficult to find even in the developed places like Kathmandu
and Janakpurdham then we can easily imagine its maintenance in the rural areas. People of
the rural areas are illiterate and ignorant. So,they’re unable to adopt the policies of sanitation.
They do not know about proper disposal of garbage, household wastage, animal feces, etc.
Media campaigns can be raised to make people aware about the importance and the methods
of sanitation. Thus, people will be able to make systematic disposal of household wastage, animal
feces, etc. Personal sanitation is must at first and then is environmental sanitation. In order o ensure
a healthy life, one must have food sanitation as well. It’s very easy to pollute the environment
but very difficult to control pollution and adopt sanitation. Everyone should consider such problems
as their common one and go ahead with theobjective of improving the situation unitedly. For
example, “Bagmati Sarsaphai Abhiyan” is an initiative of maintain sanitation in the community.
If all the people understand the urgency of sanitation, they’ll surely be able to maintain it. If
this is possible then the problems of urban areas like Kathmandu valley, Janakpurdham and many
rural areas will improve.

Everyone knows about these all. If they’re given to write an essay on the topic “Sanitation”, then they’ll
write pages and pages but in real life, there’s no any contribution of such people in environmental
sanitation. The things that people lack are lack of time, wisdom, selfshness. People should remember
that their earnings do not give them good returns unless they’ve maintained a good sanitation for
their health. If people know and try to remove these weaknesses and work as one unitedly, such
respiratory problems and other harmful effects would be prevented through sanitation.

-Kamlesh Sah
Global College of Management

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  1. Everyone just give sit explanation but nobody including in this do u know why it one try to do so they feel uneasy and think doing as unexpected ………Bring new idea to do #Sanitation

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