Record-breaking Satellite launch by India


By Sujan Dahal

On 15 Feb, 2017 09:28:00 (IST), 44.4 meter Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV) blasted off from Satish Dhawan Space Center by Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) with 104 satellites. This launch breaked the previous record of 37 satellites sent into orbit by Russian Dnepr Rocket in June 2014. After 16 min 48 sec of launch, out of 104 satellites, three satellites (Cartosat-2D, INS-1A and INS-1B) from India were deployed axially along the vehicle for Earth Observation, 88 nanosatellites(droves: measuring 30 by 10 by 10) from USA were deployed radial direction away from vehicle and remaining nanosatellites from The Netherlands, Isreal, Kazakhastan and Switzerland, separated in different sequence into Polar Sun-Synchronous orbit at the altitude of 505 kilometers. The mission lasted for 29 minutes. The payload mass was about 1380 kilogram. Solid HTPB based, Liquid UH 25 + N204 and liquid MMH + MON-3 was used as propellant which led a rocketto attend the velocity of 7809.52 meter per second (at time of first satellite deployed). The total cost of the mission was 15 million US dollars, where half of the budget recovered from the foreign countries whose satellites were launched (Net cost: NRs 75 Crore). This successful mission encouraged engineer’s effective rockets with well engines can be built also in a low cost.

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