Some possible ways of bringing back the migrated physicist


Dr. Vinaya Kumar Jha

Every year, a few dozen of physicists are going abroad which is under discussion for last some decades as a ‘Brain Drain”. In simple, brain drain is defined as the migration of qualified and talented persons in search of the better standard of living and quality of life, lucrative salaries, access to advanced technology and more stable political conditions in different places of the world. This article seeks to identify key issues and suggest solutions which would enable immigrant PhD holder physicists to return to Nepal and give at least a few decades and share their knowledge, skills and innovative capacities and thereby enhancing the economic development of Nepal.

The main factors due to which the master degree holder physicists seek to go abroad are unemployment, desire for higher education and lack of research and other facilities. Tribhuvan University which is the backbone of the education system in Nepal provides only theoretical knowledge in most of science disciplines and is incomplete unless its practical aspect is studied. Migration of graduate physicists for higher education to some extent cannot be bane for nation as they are going to upgrade their knowledge in developed countries like USA, Australia or Europe where education system is practical oriented with advanced technology.But, if these migrated Nepalese physicists after completion of advanced studies like PhD or post doctoral research do not give at least one or two decades in nation before their late sixties, then it can be called real brain drain which is big loss for nation.

Nepal is still in the developmental transition. Political instability, bad governance and poor rule of law have sapped development. This has several implications. One major consequence has been the steady increase in emigration for work and study, resulting in brain drain. In any country either developed or developing, status of science and technology is the backbone of nation’s development. In technology, physics education lays the foundation then there comes different disciplines of science and engineering.

Science and technology together help in industrialization and these industrialization create opportunities for jobs for people inside nation which will gradually decrease the rate of flow of people outside the nation as manpower. Physicists who have been upgrading themselves with post doctoral researches for several reasons are recoverable assets who can play a key role in laying the foundations for research works in their expertise which is necessary for developing opportunities at home by upgrading technologies and hence industrializations. However, recovery requires the opening of diverse and innovative conduits. The PhD holder Nepalese physicists can only become bridge in the beginning stage of the transformation of science education into the technology. Now it’s a time to create suitable environment to make them return to Nepal and take the nation onto the path of development.

Bringing migrated physics scholars is not very difficult. First of all nation should take this as serious problem and planning should be made at national level to solve this problem. Nation can attract migrated bonafide physicists back into the nation if nation can provide employment opportunities, intellectual freedom, better research facilities and reasonable salary. In order to provide employment opportunities higher level institutions should be established. Apart from this, political stability is also necessary and national authority should prohibit nepotism and favourism which is deep rooted in deploying executive level staffs in different academic institutions on the political basis.

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