Monster planet discovered with size of Jupiter

Fig : An artist's impression of monster planet and its parent star retrieved from :

An exoplanet has been discovered by the research team led by University of Warwick in collaboration with University of Leicester, University of Cambridge, Queen’s University Belfast, Geneva Observatory, DLR Berlin and University of Chile. This planet which is named as NGTS-1b was spotted by help of a wide field observing facility consisting of a collection of telescopes called Next-Generation Transit Survey. And the surprising fact is the planet of size of Jupiter and mass less than 20% of it revolves around a star of size half of that sun. Not only this, another amazing fact is that it revolves around its star in every two and half day that means a year in NGTS-1b is equal to around 2.6 earth days. Observed from observatory at Northern Chile, NGTS-1b revolves around a red dwarf star which was seen faint. According to Dr. Daniel Bayliss, the lead author of the research, ” The discovery of NGTS-1b was a complete surprise to us – such massive planets were not thought to exist around such small stars”. He also said, “Our challenge is to now find out how common these types of planets are in the Galaxy.” This has led to question mark on the theory we follow on formation of a planet and has opened a new gateway of the dire need of exploring the Universe more out of our Solar System.


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