Medical/Engineering Questions


1) Light travels in an optical fibre in

a) Jacket    b) cladding

c) Core        d) core cladding interface


2)50% of a radioactive substance decomposes in 5 years. What is the time for the 99.99% decomposition?

a)10 years                         b) 50 years

c)10 to 50 years               d)none


3)In a most stable elements, the number of proton and neutron is

a)Even-even              b)  even-odd

c)Odd-even            d)odd-odd

4)The dimension of current is

a)M0 L 0T Q-1                          b) M0 L0 T-1 Q

c)M0 LT-1 Q-1                            d)M0 L0 T-1 Q-1


5)At O  K, semiconductor behaves like

a)Conductor                 b)superconductor

c)Insulator                    d)diamagnetic substance



1)Which of the following is a radioactive element?

  1. a) uranium       b) sodium
  2. c) cobalt            d) nickel


2)Ionic product of water is

a)107 moles/litre                      b)10-14 gm/litre

c)10-7 moles/litre                      d)10-14 moles/litre

3)Atomic number 27 belong to which block

a)S                 c)P

c)D               d)F

4)The -scattering experiment of Rutherford proved the presence of

a)Atom                             b) proton

c)Nucleus                           d)neutron

5)The rate of reaction doesn’t depend on

a)Concentration of reactant

b)Suitable catalyst


d)Concentration of product



1)The spiral valve is present in

a)Conus arteriosus

b)Bulbous arteriosus

c)In between right and left auricle

d)Auricle and ventricle

2)Dwarfism is caused due to hypo secretion of

a)Pituitary                    b)thyroid

c)Parathyroid              d)adrenal

3)The skeleton and muscle is derived from

a)Ectoderm and mesoderm      b)ectoderm only

c)Endoderm only             d) mesoderm only

4)Insulin was discovered from pancreas of Dog by

a)Sanger                               b)ecology

c)Entomology                    d) trophology


5) the study of interaction of organism is called

a)Taxonomy             b) ecology

c) Entomology         d)trophology




1)The study of fossils are called   a)Taxonomy      b)Physiology

a)Taxonomy      b)Physiology

c)Anatomy        d) Palaeontology


2)The link between glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle is

a)Citric acid           b)acetyl Co. A

c)Succinic acid     d)fumaric acid

3)RNA is concerned with

a)Osmosis       b)incipient nucleus

c)Mitochondrion   d)centrioles

4)Light energy is converted into chemical energy in

a)Respiration                c) golgi body

c)Both                              d) none

5)Which one is biofertilizer?

a)Nostoc              b) Bacilli

c)Caccus                d)None




1.c  2. b   3. a     4. b     5. c


  1. a  2. d   3.c   4.c  5.d


1.d   2. b    3. b   4. b   5.a


1.a   2. a   3.  d   4.  c   5.  b


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