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Medical/Engineering preparation questions and answers


1)Lowest category in taxonomic hierchy is :
a)Phylum b) subspecies
c)Species d)variety
2) Which of the following is Coelenterate :
a) sea cucumber b) sea pen
c) sea fish d) sea urchin
3) If thyroid is removed tadpole of frog , it will :
a) die soon b) remain tadpole
c) grow into giant frog d) grow into old frog
4)Tenth cranial nerve of frog is :
a) abducens b) facial
c) vagus d) trochlear
5) Female rabbit is :
a) spontaneous ovulation b) induced ovulation
c) indifferent ovulation d) seasonal ovule


6 ) One of the following can respire in anaerobic conditions
Leaves b) Stem
c)Roots d) seeds
7) During photosynthesis the oxyen in glucose come from :
a) water b) Co2
c)Both d) From air
8) Aloe vera , a medical plant belong to :
a) Solanceae b) Compositae
c) Gramineae d ) Liliaceae
9) Angiosperm differ from gymnosperm
a) Being smaller in size
b) Being evergreen
c) Having compound leaves
d) Having ovules enclosed in the ovary
10) The length of one helix of DNA is :
a) 10 A b) 20 A
c) 30 A d) 34 A


11) The dimension of angular momentum is:
a) MLT-1 b) ML2T-1
c) ML-1T d) MLT-2
12) Ball “A” of mass 0.1 kg moving with a velocity of 6m/s collides with ball “ B” of mass 0.2 kg at rest . If ball “ A ’’ rebound with a velocity of 2m/s in opposite direction after collision . what would be the velocity of “B’’ ?
a) 2m/s b) 4m/s c) 6m/s d) 8m/s
13) Two solid sphere of same material have radii in the ratio 1 : 2 . Their moment of inertia will be in the ratio :
a) 1 : 4 b) 1 : 8 c) 1 : 16 d) 1 : 32
14) The body weighs 200N at the surface of earth . If it is placed in an artificial satellite revolving at a height where acceleration due to gravity is half of that at earth’s surface , it will weight :
a) 100N b) 200N c) 400N d) zero
15) The compressibility of a substance is :
a) Same as bulk modulus b) Same as Shear modulus
c) Inverse of bulk modulus d) Inverse of Shear modulus


16) Which of the following principal / rule limits the mareinune number of electron in an orbital to 2 ?
a) Aufbau principle
b) Paul exclusion principal
c) Hund`s rule of maximum multiplicity
d) Heisenerg uncertainly principal
17) A 5f orbital has :
a) One node b) Two node
c) Three node d) four node
18) In galvanic cell :
a) Electrical energy is converted into chemical energy
b) Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy
c) Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy
d)Chemical energy is converted into heat
19) Glauberʹs salt is :
a) Na2CO3.10H2O b) CuSO4.5H2O
c) Na2SO4.10H2O d) FeSO4.7H2O
20) Alkyl halide burn with :
a) Green edged flame b) Smoky flame
c) Yellow flame d) Blue flame


1 c – Not subspecies and variety.
Kingdom is highest category
2 b – Sea cumcumber , Sea urchin = Echinoderm
3 b – In frog thyroxine hormone helps in metamorphosis.
If thyroid is removed it remains tadpole throught the life .
4 c – If Hypoglossal and spinal accessory are absent in frog ( but present in Rabbit \ mammmals)
Frog has 10 pairs cranial and 10 pair spinal nerves .
5 b – Unlike frog , mammal are reflex ovulators .
Gestation period of rabbit is 1 month (22 – 28 days ).
Rabbit become sexually mature at the age of six month .
Female rabbit has 4 or 5 pairs of small teats or mammae .
6d – Yeast is both aerobic and anaerobic
– Anerobic respiration also found in developing fruit , muscle during heavy exercise.
7b – O2 in glucose and water from co2
O2 released from H2O
8d – other important of liliaceae are :
Allium cepa \ onion , Yucca ( kettuke ) , Colchicum autumnale
9d – Gymonosperms have naked seed because they lack pericarp.
10d – Length of one turn = 340 A
Diameter = 200 A
Radius = 100 A
Twisting angle = 360
11b – Angular momentum (T) = Iῳ
= mr22∏ /T
= [ ML2T-1]

12 b o.1 ₓ 6 + O = – 0.1 ₓ 2 + 0.2 ₓ vb [ conversation of momentum ]
Vb = 4 m\s
13 d I =MR2
= VᵽR2
= 4/3 ᵽ∏R5

14 d – In an artificial satellite body experience weightlessness .
Therefore correct answer is zero .
15 c compressibility ∞ 1/(Bulk Modulus)
16 b – According to Pauli law no electron can have same set of four quantum no. for this orbital must have only 2 electron with anti parallel spin .
Another new point rather than normal definition about Hunds rule is that “ In a set of degenerate orbital the electron distributes themselves to retain like spin as far as possible.
The principle which gives a way of filling the electron in available energy leval is Aufbau principle
17a – Node is the surface at which probability of finding electron is Zero
No. of node = n – l-1
= 5-3-1 [ for 5f , n=5 , l=3 ]
= 1
18b – ( Voltanic cell ) galvanic cell → Chemical to electrical energy
Electrical cell → electrical to chemical energy
19c Na2CO3.10H2O is washing soda .
Na2SO4.10H2O is also called salt cake
20a – Acetylene gives smoky flame . ( due to high % of carbon )

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