Medical/Engineering Entrance Questions and Answers


Madhav Belbase
1. Mode of secretion by sebaceous gland is
a. holocrine            b. merocrine                        c. eccrine                d. apocrine

2. Skeleton of head and jaw of frog comprised of:
a. 10 element              b. 40 element
c.  46 element             d. 25 element

2.Paramecium shows …………..toward water current:

a. positive response    b negative response
c. neutral response       d. none of the above

4. Which is the basis of evolution:
a. cell                 b.species
c. individual       d. population

5.Which is absent in sponge:

a. nerve cell               b. gland cell

c. sensory cell          d. all

6. Antibiotics are mostly obtained from:
a. Bacteria              b. Viruses
c. Angiosperms      d. Fungi

7. The first transgenic plant was:
a. Nicotiana tobaccun  b. Solanum tuberosum      c. Triticum aestivum               d. Avena sativa

8.A long day plant is:
a. Wheat/ spinach          b. Soyabean
c. Tobacco                     d. Xanthium

9. Water logged soil is:
a. Physically and physiologically dry
b. Physically dry but physiologically wet
c. Physically and physiologically  wet
d. Physically wet but physiologically dry

10. Jacket of the antheridia is compound of two ring cell in :
a. Pinus                 b. Fern
c. Selaginella        d. Moss

11. A 5f orbital has:
a. one node            b.  two node
c. three node          d.  four node

12.In………….. cell(s), chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.
a. electrical
b. galvanic
c. galvanic and electrical both
d. none

13. Turpentine oil can be purified by
a. vacuum distillation       b. steam distillation
c. fractional distillation     d. simple distillation

14. Wax contains :
a. kenotic group      b. ester group
c. alcohol group      d. acid group

15.The adsorption of hydrogen by palladium is called
a. hydrogenation    b. reduction
c. occlusion            d. purification

16.When a bicycle is in motion, the force of friction exerted by the ground on the two wheels is such that it acts
a. In  backward direction on the front wheel and in forward direction
b. In  forward direction on the front wheel and in backward direction on rear wheel
c. In backward direction on both wheels
d. both (a) and (b)

17. A solid sphere of mass M and radius  R rolls on a horizontal surface without slipping , the ratio of rotational K.E  to total K.E
a. 1/2    b. 3/7     c.2/7  d. 2/10

18. The value of magnetizing field ( H) that is applied to a magnetic substance such that the magnetic induction ( B) on it is zero is :
a Coercivity       b. Intensity of magnetization
c. Retentivity     d. Susceptibility

19. For high frequency, capacitor offers
a. More resistance    b. less resistance
c. Zero resistance     d. None of these

20.To produce hard  X-rays in Coolidge tube we should increase
a. current in filament
b. Potential difference across the filament
c. Potential difference across the cathode and anticathode
d. None of the above

1.ans a
Holocrine – product of secretion is shed with the whole cell by destruction of filtered cells e.g. tarsal gland

2.ans c

3.ans b
Paramecium shows positive response toward weak current as it moves toward the cathode.

4.ans  d
According to modern synthetic theory basis of evolution is population .

5.ans  a
Sponge differs from other animals by collar cell.

6.ans  a
Bacillus subtilus give 60 antibiotic.

7.ans  a
Triticum aestivum is allohexaploidy.

8.ans  a
SDP / long night plant – Sugarcane , tobacco , xanthium , soyabean
LDP / short night plant –  Spinach , oat
Day neutral plant – cotton , tomato , sunflower , maize etc

9.ans d
Water is present in the  soil but plant can’t absorb it due to dissolved salts, poor aerated soil , water logged soil are its example

10.ans b
Antherozoids of  ferns are spirally coiled and multiflagellates

11.ans a
Node – it is the surface  at which probability of finding electrons is  Zero

12.ans b
Galvanic cell – chemical to electrical energy
Electrical cell – electrical to chemical

13.ans b
Steam distillation – nitrobenzene , aniline , lemon oil , turpentine oil , essential oil
Fractional distillation – benzene and toluene , methyl alcohol and acetone
Vacuum distillation – glycerine

14.ans b
Wax is fat i.e. ester

15.ans c
And hydrogen is called occluded hydrogen

16.ans d
If the bicycle is being pedaled then the force of friction acts in the forward direction on rear wheel  and in backward direction on the front wheel whereas if the bicycle is not pedaled  the frictional force for both rear & front wheel acts in backward direction

17.ans c

18.ans a
When B= 0 , the value of H is coercivity
When H = 0 , the value of B is retentivity

19.ans b

20.ans c
Hard X-rays : X- rays of high frequency and high penetrating power.
Soft X-rays : X-rays of longer wavelength.
Hardness of X-rays depends on the accelerating potential of electron incident on the target. The atomic number of target determines the hardness of X-rays

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