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Editorial September-October 2016

Promotion and Publicity of S & T

It is often said that the position of Science in the country tells the status of that country. Analyzing the global scenario, we will find this to be true. Developed nations keep science in their primary priority whereas underdeveloped are not found doing so. The promotion of science and technology is something that is absolutely necessary to build a strong scientific community.
What are the current happenings in science? What is NASA planning to launch in future? What problems is science facing? These questions should be answered. Unfortunately there are very few sources provided to us, in Nepal, which can give the solutions. There are more than fifty thousand plus two and university Science students and there is desperate need for the trustable source. In our schools there are students in number of lakhs who study science and if they are ignited the curiosity in science. Then, the future generation of Nepal will be capable and competent. Today’s investment in science will be best investment for the future.
For the prosperous country, publicizing and popularizing science plays a crucial role. When the interest will develop in science then, it will automatically lead to the building of skillful men. Skillful manpower is the most important asset to every country. Collaborating with the global community and utilizing the local resource will be the best method. Collecting the right information of current happenings in the other parts of the world will surely help in our works. For the rigorous research in any field, firstly we should know the basics and that basics can be known through the magazines and other sources. The problems, solutions, methodology, beauty and knowledge about other aspects of the subject can be gained through these sources.
A great nation has a great science. Science develops technology and technology upgrades the living standard. Science plays a decisive role in the economy of the country. For this we will need to let people in our country know the value of science, the immense change it can bring.

Nischal Shrestha

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