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Editorial November-December 2017

Value of Acknowledgment

In recognition of the outstanding works, people/ organizations are awarded prizes throughout the world. The basic motto to present the award is to recognize the contribution and encourage them for further future works in their field.

Nobel Prize is undoubtedly the most renowned prize given to any individual in the planet. Every year people are nominated for the prize and maximum three of them are selected for this prestigious prize. The prize established in previous century has acknowledged the achievements of people from all over the world.

Most of the winners have been from North America and Europe. Many modern day researchers get involved in different fields of science hoping to get a Nobel Prize.

The motivation and encouragement that prizes like Nobel Prize gives to an individual is really extraordinary. People work for years to finally find out new things that can be helpful to the humanity. Their hard work and dedication have to be appreciated and acknowledged. Nobel Prize is one of the most rewarding prizes that one can receive. Nobel Prize is given to the highest contributor to the mankind in that year.

Surprisingly, there are some instances where people deny the prizes given to them. One of the instances is in 2006, when Grigori Perelman was awarded the Fields Medal (often considered highest level of prize in Mathematics) and he denied to accept the prize.

When a person’s work is valued, then it not only motivates the individual receiving the prize but also to larger group of people. Many other people get encouraged through the recognition, respect and financial benefit that the person gets after winning the prize.

It is needless to say, hard labor, dedication and intellect are the key factors for winning any significant prize. To win a prize like Nobel Prize, the degree of these key factors has to be maximum.

Nischal Shrestha


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