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Editorial November 2016-February 2017

Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize, considered as the most prestigious award in the world was announced in the six different categories in the year 2016 too. It is awarded in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, Economics and Literature. The winner receives a medal with 1.2 million US dollars (approximately 13 crore Nepalese Rupees) which is provided for the extraordinary work.
The people behind the modern world are the researchers who work untiringly to produce something new. These people often called scientists investigate the nature and its phenomena and various technological applications are introduced. To reward these people, various awards and prize are given periodically. Nobel Prize is regarded as the highest form of prize given yearly to the organization or person/s (maximum three) to recognize the highest contribution to the mankind. The prestigious award like Noble Prize encourages and motivates the researchers to work even harder. The ultimate goal of the human civilization is to better the human life and march towards the advancement. All the works for advancement is for the sake of the mankind.
The Nobel Prize recipient gains the worldwide recognition and is highly respected all over the globe. Countries and institutions take immense pride to be associated with the Nobel Prize receiver. Basically, the researchers in the countries with high research facilities are the frequent winners of this prize. The Nobel Prize not only inspires the receivers but all other people involved in research. Moreover, young generation gets motivated to be engaged into research works which will eventually lead to further development.
Nobel Prize signifies the excellence. The winner is someone who has attended the height very few on the planet have achieved. To be among those few, continuous hard work with strong determination is the fundamental requirement. There are many areas left to be explored. It is said that human have known very little of the nature. There is whole universe for us to dig into. There are many domains whose discovery deserves the award like The Nobel Prize.

Nischal Shrestha

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