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Editorial July-August 2016

 Dreadful Flood: How to control

Every year hundreds of people in Nepal lose their lives and properties due to flood. The abundant water resource gifted by nature to us sometimes turns into curse and makes us suffer. For controlling the effect of flood, sufficient measures have not been applied and thus we have to face the dreadful consequence every year.
In Nepal, the month of June- July has the heaviest rainfall in the year and this causes the rise in the water level across the rivers in the country by significant margin .Almost every part of the country is affected by the rainfall while some have to face the adversity. Every year repetition of the same mistakes is costing us our lives and huge loss of properties. The people are not taking the safety measures to abandon the destruction. The rate of the deforestation is increasing and people are not conscious enough to plant the trees which can be vital for controlling the flood. Due to flood, the landslides are regularly occurring at different places which also have made massive hazard.
From small huts to large buildings, constructed in the riverside areas are always in great danger of flood. Proper and farsighted planning is not being made in the case of the settlements which are necessary to minimize the hazards. Flood is a natural calamity and the effect of it can be largely reduced. Various reports signify that the climate change due to the human pollution has led to the increase in the effect of natural disasters and the effect of flood has also significantly increased. The people who are affected by flood should be rescued and helped by providing basic needs like food, shelter, clothes etc. General people, government and organizations all should take this issue seriously and should be directed to reduce the adverse effect of flood.

Nischal Shrestha

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