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Editorial: January-May 2018 Issue

The Basis of Exponential Growth of World

Looking closely to the development of the world, nothing other than technology has been found to be more crucial.
Planes, trains, automobiles, internet, television and all the things are the product of technology.

The journey to the moon, investigating planets like Mars, Jupiter and gaining the information about the universe we live in, all these things are done with the help of technology. Needless to say, technology has broadened the dimension of knowledge of man.

The modern health system also heavily relies on technology.X-rays, CT Scan and many other curating measures use technology.

In earlier times, it was very difficult to communicate.People had to send the messages through pigeons, horses. The mode of communication is totally different now, it has evolved to a great extent and is very easy and fast. These are some of the many uses of technology.For more modernization and development, there should be more investment in technology.

The development of technology has been possible through the development of science. Without the development of science, technology would not have developed. For an instance, the discovery of Maxwell’s equations has wider applications in the sector of information technology.

The internet which connects the world would not have been among us without Maxwell’s equations. Knowing the mechanisms of engines, diesel and petrol engines have been developed. Science develops technology and technology develops the world. There should be more investment in science so that technology will develop.

Technology is the reflection of human mind brilliance. For the exponential growth of the world, technology has played a vital role. For more development and progress, technology will be the key factor. Hence, technology have to be developed more for more modernization and development.

Nischal Shrestha

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