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Editorial May-June 2016

Science and Technology

This is the first issue of the magazine in the year 2073. Happy New Year to all our readers. With each passing day, the world is getting better technology. Countries are in a race to discover and invent new and amazing things, and present to the world.

The scenario of science and technology is quite different in our country, we are not giving the preference that it needs for the development of the country. Any developed country can be taken for instance and we will know that the base for its progress is science and technology. There are many other factors necessary but the fulcrum is always science and technology. Nepal Government needs to allocate the proper funding for bettering science and technology in the country. National level research centers, well equipped laboratories, skilled manpower and systemic academic institutions are the basic foundations for the overall growth of the science and technology which will ultimately lead to the county’s progress. In the context of science and technology, year 2072 has been no different year compared to the previous years. Let’s make the year 2073 a productive one. The responsibility for bettering this sector is not only of the government. The academicians, teachers, students and people related to science and technology all, should feel the need and contribute from their side. Time and again we have proved to the world that Nepalese are capable of doing anything. Nepalese have played pivotal role in many groundbreaking breakthroughs across the globe. It’s time to do the same, for our country. Then only, the country will know progress.

With the blossom of New Year, let’s hope science and technology to blossom in our country. When we will do our part and work as a whole, then we will certainly reach the peak of the advancement. With progress, everything will come along and we will not have to face the problems we are facing due to poor economic condition. Science and Technology will enhance our life and the country will move forward.

Nischal Shrestha


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