Animal Vulnerability to Earthquake

A dog estranged after earthquake hit Nepal in April 25, 2015 Image: Reuters

Menuka Bhandari
B.Sc. Agriculture

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, consequences were noted regarding humans but only little concern were towards the animals. Every animal has its own territory. Any hindrance and destruction of their area cause them to wonder around similar as the homeless person. Many of the animals were killed in that calamity and disturbance in the environment caused the extra burden in the ecological chain. Humans are unaware of the disturbance in the ecological niche of the animals but being an agricultural student I can sense it as many of the animals were sited nearby the borders of forest after the earthquake.

When I went back to my hometown Dhading (earthquake-affected zone), I found the changes in the environment as well as the difference in the population of domestic animals. Many animals aborted, numbers of them were injured and were infected. The importance of the veterinary was revealed but due to the poor transportation and lack of medicines, mortality was seen. Even the small injuries were turning to be fatal. Multiple diseases could make a breakthrough, being aware farmers were eager to bury the carcass. Human is the rational being which provides them the strength to control different other species. Whenever the need is calculated what is necessary, is the priority factor and the need is to help your own race first.

Being an agricultural student, I could help them only with the ideas and learning. I went through the books and consulted with the skilled persons and joined as a volunteer with the NGO, GO, INGO. But still found that the help were concentrated towards humans and only little consideration to animals. No one knows how the nature will settle the life of wild animals, but whatever the way it will suggest animal still have to struggle for existence.

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