GOOGLE     :-Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

IUPAC          :-International Union of Pure and Applied Chemicals

YAHOO        :- Yet Another Hypertext Online Organizer

LASER          :- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LPG              :- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

MIT              :- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RADAR       :- Radio Detecting and Ranging

ABM             :- Anti Ballistic Missile
AMIE           :- Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers

CERN           :- Council European Organization for Nuclear Research
EMU            :- Electric Multiple Unit

OS                :-  Operating System

PDF              :-  Portable Document Format

VGA             : – Video Graphics Array

INMAS        :- Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences

IQ                :- Intelligence Quotient

LLD              :- Doctor of Law
NFDC          :- National Film Development Corporation

PIB               :- Press Information Bureau

SAHR           :- South Asians for Human Rights

SMS             :- Short Messaging System

UNCED        :- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

TOFEL          : – Test of English as a Foreign Language

ISI                 :- Inter Services Intelligence.

PIN              :- Postal Index Number

NCRB         :- National Crime Record Bureau






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