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A two-day event from NESRA


Utsav Siwakoti

Nepalese Space Research Association (NESRA) – a newly founded space research organization in Nepal has announced its inaugural ceremony day along with two-day event at NAST. NESRA aims to:
1. Create a wide network of students, young professionals, industry, academia, and governmental organizations who are interested to work in the space domain.
2. Collaborate with international organizations to facilitate their outreach programs and help young students and professionals in Nepal pursue a career in the aerospace domain.
3. Facilitate the use and integration of space technology with other sectors in Nepal, e.g. Disaster preparedness and mitigation, survey department, use of space technology to inspire the next generation
4. Work with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) in order to foster a productive environment for the space industry to flourish in Nepal.

The inaugural ceremony is organized to be held on the first day of the event, July 19th 2019, along with the declaration of its vision, panel discussions, different presentations, Quiz, national and international speakers, and a motivational speech elaborating what space activities are being held in Nepal and what further can be done. The free registration for the event was opened on 12th June, which will be closed on 15th July. The selected participants will contribute to the boosting impact of space in our society and to incentivizing the Nepalese footprint in space-related activities. Students and different professionals can register for the event of 19th July by following the link below:

On the second day, 20th July, the National Space Meet of Nepal 2019 will be held. The purpose of the event is to gather people, who are passionate about space, coming from different backgrounds to enhance interdisciplinary professional network and exchange of ideas regarding the future of the space sector in Nepal and ways to utilize it. Since the two events are different, separate registration is required to attend each event. The registration for 20th July is given below:

These different kinds of events will not only enhance the knowledge of the participants but also increase enthusiasm, increase networking among like-minded people, give various opportunity about different activities being held in their region of interests, and further they will learn how and what kinds of contributions they can make towards the space era of Nepal that has just begun.

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