A for Astronomy

By Sujan Dahal

  • The distance between the Sun and the Earth is 108 times the Sun’s diameter.
  • The distance between the Moon and the Earth is 108 times the Moon’s diameter.
  • Thales ( c. 610 B.C. E) is credited with predicting a solar eclipse from knowledge of a previous eclipse and using the Saros cycle. He predicted the year, but not the month and the day. It wasn’t until Ptolemy’s time that solar eclipse forecasting became more accurate.
  • ┬áThe International Astronomical Union has named a crater on the Mars after Langtang, one of the worst hit villages by the 2015 Nepal earthquake.The IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature had approved the name on June 14.The crater is said to have a diameter of 9.8 km.Along with Langtang, three other craters in the planet were named Bunnik, Nqutu, and Talu respectively.
  • 90% of your body mass is stardust because all the elements for hydrogen & helium are created in stars.
  • Galileo wasn’t first person to invent telescope. But, The first person to apply for a patent for a telescope was a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey (or Lipperhey) in 1608. In 1609, Galileo Galilei had his own design of telescope. He was the first to point a telescope skyward.






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