A for Astronomy

Image: study.com

By Sujan Dahal

1)  More than 1200 Earths can fit inside Jupiter & more than 1 million Earths fit inside the Sun.

2) The Sun, as you see now, is actually 8min 20sec older(as light takes 8min 20sec to reach the Earth).

3) Every year, the Moon moves about 1.5 inches (3.8 centimetres) further away from Earth.

4) On 15 Feb, 2017, Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV) blasted off from Satish Dhawan Space Center by Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) which total cost was only NRs.75crore & 104 satellites were taken by it.

5) In Pluto, the mountains, Tenzing Montes, first viewed by the New Horizons spacecraft on 14 July 2015, and announced by NASA on 15 July 2015, is named after the Nepalese mountaineer Tenzing Norgay




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